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I call myself Gramma Karen.

I have 5 grandchildren–3 girls that include 8 year old twins, a creative music loving 6 year old, and 2 boys; one almost 5 and the other almost 2. When the twins were born, I had to make a decision on what “grandmother name” I wanted to be called. I though about calling myself Nana, Mimi, or maybe Gigi. But, I decided that I would be Gramma–sometimes called Gram for short. My oldest grandson first called me Moma and that was a good one (like the museum of modern art!!) but, once he turned 3, he started calling me Gramma.

So, that’s it. I am Gramma Karen. Maybe, when the kids get older I may shorten it to just Gram! But today I am called Gramma.

The “Grandma” Stereotype

Here’s the thing about the name Grandma; A lot of women I know who have grandchildren, don’t want to be called Grandmother or Grandma, because it connotes a blue helmet haired woman who wears frumpy jeans, and Naturalizes. TV has left strong impressions of Grandmothers s in our minds like the old Granny in the Tweedy Bird cartoons, Sophia on Golden Girls, or Livia Soprano the strong matriarch, played by Nancy Marchand, on The Sopranos. Many of us do not want to be stereotyped and we shun the word Grandmother.

Today’s Grandma

So I am here to lift the veil on Grandma’s 2018 and beyond. Today, Grandmothers are modern women who stay relevant, interesting, have a life and are active. Many of us work and we also work out. We stay current and listen to Spotify, follow friends on Facebook, text, tweet, post on Instagram, watch Netflix, invest in the stock market (even crypto), draw and paint, write novels, cook, crochet, dance… and most of all we love our grandchildren and we want to be a positive light in their lives.

If what you are reading sounds like you, then this site is for you!

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