How Pixar’s Toy Story Taught Me How to Play with My Grandchildren

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When I was a mom, I don’t remember playing with my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I was a very involved and creative parent. And while I remember reading books, coloring, drawing, riding bikes, and even creating fun spaces where they could explorer, I don’t remember spending a lot of time just playing with them.

When the twins came, all that changed. Let me tell how that happened.

It was 2010 and I loved my iPod, iPhone… ok, I loved everything Apple and I was fascinated with Steve Jobs. One night I was watching CNN and they were interviewing some tech guy and he said,

With Pixar’s Toy Story, Steve Jobs changed the film industry forever. Now, people expect great computer-animated films.

In this archival photograph, Pixar CEO Steve Jobs is seen with the studio’s other lead executives, Ed Catmull (left) and John Lasseter (right).

I did not know that Steve Jobs was part of the Toy Story team. So I rented and then bought Toy Story from my Apple TV, and it changed my life. I watched Andy, the boy who owned the toys, play with the toys–making sounds, adding different voices, and making the toys come to life. He engaged with the toys… and it was magical. It hit me–that’s how you play! I know that might sound silly, but I forgot how to play. I watched it a few more time and I have to admit, over the years I
have gotten really good at getting down on the floor and playing.

Playing, really playing, with my grandkids

Playing with my grandkids has connected me to each one of them. I see each of them for who they are and I hear their voice and their ideas. It’s really very special.

Recently I was talking with several friends who are also Grammas and they admitted that besides a few board games or hide and seek, they don’t really play with their grand kids. I told them this Toy Story story and they all said that they were going to rent it and observe Andy! So I though if it got my friends excited, why not you?

Maybe this will help. Here is the clip that started the whole thing:

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