Best Grandmother Investment Ever Made – My Sewing Machine


The best grandmother investment I have made is my sewing machine, even though I can’t really sew!

Let me explain.

Back in 2009, when my newly acquired daughter-in-law, Sarah, asked me to help her sew a round red gingham tablecloth I smiled and cheerfully agreed, but inside I started to panic.

I am a lousy sewer.

When I was in high school (back in the 60’s) home economics was a required course. Back then you could take either the cooking or the sewing track. I loved fashion so naturally I opted for sewing. I pictured designing my own fashions and making it big in New York. That fantasy died fast. Right off the bat, I had a miserable time just attempting to cut out the patterns correctly. I got very confused with the front, the back, the left, the right, the fold, and the straight of the fabric. I was totally mixed up and I decided that I must be dyslectic. I hated sewing.

So, let’s cut to the chase.

Gramma Karen & SarahSarah went out bought red gingham fabric, thread, and a pattern for a round tablecloth. I bought a new sewing machine. We decided to start the project on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. Once I saw the pattern a dark cloud hung over me as memories of my early sewing fiascos came to mind. The pattern instructed that we place some pieces on the fold, other on the right side of the fabric bias, and cut the ruffle pn the diagonal. I was a confused mess. After a few cutting errors (than goodness she bought more fabric than suggested) and a few stitch adjustments we did it! Sarah had a tablecloth and I had a sewing machine.

It’s funny how things work out.

Actually, I owe a lot to that sewing machine. Not only has it been the foundation for many creative sewing projects, but its real payoff has been the rich relationship I have developed with Sarah through our crazy experiments.

Gramma Karen's Pottery Barn Santa width=We have become the perfect team; Sarah comes up with the concepts and acts as “project manager”, and I am the implementor. And she is not at loss for ideas–great ideas. She is creative, has fantastic taste, and she can pull together fabrics and colors that work. Sarah is one of those people who has an eye for what’s in and she does all the ground work; the research, shopping for supplies, and even the fabric cutting (remember my issues?).

But, the thing that I love the most about my daughter-in-law is that she is accepting and forgiving of my imperfections. She genuinely appreciates me. Really! Like the time she saw a fun Santa in a Pottery Barn catalog and asked if I’d make one for the twins first Christmas. “Of course”, I replied without thinking of what I was getting into. That crazy, weird Santa has had a place in their family room for the last 8 years, right by the tree. It reminds me of the years we have had together.

So Sarah and I are “Team Sewing”.

Looking forward, I am excited to share some of our best projects and even some that didn’t work out, but we still love… and maybe just maybe convince you to invest is a sewing machine! Stay tuned!

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